How to Choose Jewelry for Special Occasions

Although all women love wearing jewelry and basking in their heady shimmer it is also important to select the right jewelry for the right occasion. It is but true that not all kinds of jewelry look suitable at certain times so picking the right pieces is an aspect that should be considered with care especially if it is a special occasion.

The special occasions could range from a birthday, an anniversary, wedding, engagement, Christmas bash or a special day that must be celebrated. The most basic thing to consider while choosing the appropriate jewelry is to know what would look best and would suit you the most in a given situation. It is important primarily to feel comfortable wearing what you are so never overdo even if the celebration demands so if you are not comfortable with the look.

The primary thing to consider while selecting the right jewelry should be based on the outfit you decide to wear. While some clothes are subtle others are more elaborate and flashy and the jewelry should be chosen likewise. It is important to balance the look, so go for heavy and ornate pieces if the outfit is simple with straight lines but stick to demure pieces of jewelry where your outfit is flamboyant.

Usually special occasions demand one to dress up well and you happily comply and whether it is clothes, jewelry or make up you want it to look perfect to match up to the standards of the celebration. Here again the rule is the same first select your outfit and then your jewelry for a really breathtaking and complete look and effect.

Since earrings are the most basic jewelry item for most women lets start with this most important and loved jewelry item. Some pieces are forever beautiful like a pair of diamond studs which can look anything from subtle to classic depending on your outfit and the way you carry them. But for sure chandelier earrings, danglers, drops and hoops definitely are more eye catching whether in gemstones, plain gold or diamonds.

Similarly where on one hand a simple pendant can do the needful and work its charm at other special occasions it has to be a detailed and stunning necklace to grab attention and make heads turn. The same applies to rings so choose anything from a three stone ring, a multi stone ring, a cocktail ring or a solitaire ring.

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